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"I DO" -Take 2




Casual meal, drinks, and dancing to follow

Don’t forget to bring a light jacket as October nights get chilly.


As for the taboo topic of bringing a gift.  We are just putting it right out there:  We are two adults with a blended, established home.  We NEED nothing.  A card with well-wishes (or advice on how Jo can deal with Perry not closing cabinet doors, or for Perry when he sees Jo clam up angrily when he doesn’t answer his phone) would be just perfect, and much appreciated!


That being said, there are a few things we WANT.


We WANT our family and friends to come and celebrate a happy event with us.

We WANT everyone to feel at home. 

We WANT everyone to celebrate, enjoy, share some hardy laughs,  

                        partake of some good food (Including a stolen salsa recipe!) drink, and tear

                        up the dancefloor to our (70’s – current, all genres) playlist. 


(WarningCaitlin got her hands on the playlist, so there may be some random hip-hoppy, grunge, rappy “songs” playing throughout the night.  Those would make good bathroom breaks!)

Oct 06, 2018, 4:00 PM
Twist of Pine,
31072 434th Ave, Yankton, SD 57078, USA

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